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Founded in 2018 by Deepa Pulipati, after over 20 years of cumulative executive coaching and therapy experience, Tula Coach brings together the synergy of many values, often overlooked in traditional coaching environments. Tula Coach is home to a diverse team of certified executive coaches, excited and ready to bring balance, change, growth, and accountability to you and your team, whether professionally or personally. 

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Meet Deepa Pulipati,

In addition to being a coach, Deepa is also a mother, a wife, a licensed family and marriage therapist, and a mediator.

Originally from India, Deepa Pulipati has lived in the United States for close to twenty years. Though she lives in the modern world, Deepa has a deep respect and reverence for her roots. Her ability to navigate different cultures, and her extensive experience working within the American court system, have afforded Deepa a broader perspective as an executive coach. With more than fifteen years of professional experience working with a diverse community in San Francisco Bay Area, Deepa brings a combination of expertise and acumen to her clients as they chart their paths to better self-esteem and bigger successes in their careers and their lives. Tula Coach is Deepa’s latest project of passion as she works to fortify her extensive learnings into an accessible, programmatic platform that can reach and inspire many more people than just those who she coaches directly.

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Coaching Programs From
Tula Coach Are Based on the Synergy Of Many Values


Create a semblance of balance between all your pursuits and make time for yourself, family and friends.


Cultivate a growth mindset without constantly changing the goal post by being in the present moment.


Implement change when it can be hard but also possible with the right behavioral understanding that is structured and positive.


Organize, prioritize and manage everyday work life and feel effortless by having an accountability partner.



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