The Woman Behind The Programs

Deepa Pulipati

“My passion for coaching stems from the lightbulb, aha! breakthrough moments that I work towards with my clients. I combine solution-driven, accountability coaching with the active-listening skill set I have honed in my years as a therapist. By making use of both models, I am able to provide remarkable, client-driven results.”

Deepa's Approach

“Life is a balance of holding on and letting go.” -- Rumi

“I want to understand my clients on a very deep level and help them break barriers and do what they are held back from doing. The fun part of coaching is to help you get there by engaging and asking questions in a way that helps you bring it out by yourself.”

our job is to ask questions that get you unstuck

our Approach

Our team takes pride on our ability to navigate between traditional and modern values and connect with clients from all backgrounds. Housing culturally competent coaches with a distinct experience of living, working , thriving in one of the cultural hotspots of the world, we offer a wider lens through which I view our clients’ strengths, talents and unique contributions. A good coach observes, gains insights, and helps you hone your innate talents. Together, we identify your goals so that we can create a system of accountability to break through the barriers of what is holding you back in your short term and long term results and we will collaboratively work towards a development design that is your current/future vision .

Our job is to ask questions to get you unstuck, to help you envision your best options so you can create your own solutions.


Are we the right coaching team for you?

Work with Tula Coach if:

  • You are an entrepreneur with a successful business and now you want to build your legacy.
  • You are an educator, looking to expand your reach.
  • You are in the non-profit sector and hoping to think creatively & outside the box.
  • You are good at your job, but desire more opportunities in the workplace.
  • You find it challenging to work within a team, and need to find ways to garner more motivation.
  • You want to improve your interpersonal communication skills.
  • You avoid having difficult conversations but want to learn to speak up.

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