Tula Coach Programs

South Asian Women, Be the Leader Series

  • Specially tailored to growing South Asian Women Leaders
  • Break through barriers of cultural differences and underrepresentation
  • Work on career advancement goals
  • Learn to engage in difficult conversations with peers, managers and subordinates.
  • Develop strategies and tools for asking for more pay
  • Become an advocate for your professional growth and development
  • Create a balance between personal and professional arenas
  • Manage and communicate effectively with unsupportive managers
  • Learn to set boundaries effectively around gender bias and more
  • Cultivate coping skills and tools to tackle implicit and explicit bias based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation and more.
  • Amplifying your voice and ensure that you are heard at your workplace
  • Learn resiliency tools in the face of constant adversity
  • Improve self esteem and self confidence to ask for fair practices at work
  • Be a role model for young women/girls in your field.

Cooking and Leadership Courses

  • Mindful Cooking is about being present in the moment, using all of your senses.
  • Invigorate and energize your senses as well as allow you to learn that simple habit of being in the experience and out of your head. .
  • Learn to work through burnout.
  • Be more mindful in leadership in working together productively and happily.
  • Be more mindful of planning .prepping, and execution of ideas and goals..
  • Grow ways to re-engage, especially on the days when motivation or inspiration seems gone on a long vacation from our brains.
  • Build motivation and delegation with your team to cohesively work together..
  • Each course will have the grocery list provided.
  • Register for all 5 weeks, and you will receive the “Masala Dhaba and other important ingredients you will need.
  • Each session will be 2:15 hours. Hour 1, cooking. 15 minute break. Hour 2, Chat while enjoying the food you made.

Leadership Coaching

  • Increase your confidence in managing teams
  • Improve your personnel management skills
  • Increase ability to complete your tasks and be more productive.
  • Improve emotional intelligence
  • Motivate employees through transformational leadership
  • Improve Organizational effectiveness in your organization / team
  • Help your team reach their goals by learning ways to engage and inspire them in their professional growth
  • Amplify your leadership emotional intelligence to expand your managerial toolkit

Executive Coaching

  • Create a culture of organizational change that is aligned with your company’s vision and mission.
  • Work on building your legacy (Crystalized your legacy) – vision boarding – you have ideas but you want help with visioning it
  • Increase ability to complete your tasks and be mDive deep in to personal development to help cultivate a skill set for success
  • Improve your ability to inspire and direct others more effectively
  • Work on strategy to develop your high potential executives
  • Create more cohesiveness and goals with your high level executives
  • Work on solidifying your vision of organizational dynamics and culture
  • Learn to smoothly transition to a new role as a C Suite leader
  • Create a balance between long working hours and personal wellness and lifestyle.

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