How To Avoid Burnout

Don’t wait until your burnout to seek help. Get proactive and work efficiently by managing stress and being mindful of burnout!

Here’s how:

  1. Organize your days with achievable tasks (don’t try to over extend yourself).
  2. Set boundaries for ending your workday at a time and for not responding to emails after a certain time — STICK TO IT. 
  3. Take breaks and set an alarm so you take them (this is not the time to snooze)
  4. Get physically active for one hour a day – A MUST and no excuses
  5. Watch for annoyance or frustration with colleagues, managers, work culture and deal with it right away (slow building of resentment is the slippery slope towards burnout).
  6. Self advocacy – try it! 
  7. Develop a hobby/interest and spend some time on the weekends nourishing it/them.
  8. Hydrate (not with coffee/tea but good old H2O).
  9. Sit outside in the sun for 10-15 mins during one of your breaks.
  10. Engage with your colleagues, develop healthy connections and put your phone aside. (You won’t develop any of this if you are watching Tiktok videos, playing games even if it’s chess or looking for funny memes).

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