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Explore Your Cultural Heritage Through Food!

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Cooking & Conversation Workshop Find Your Cultural “Voice” Through Food!

Where do some of the most important conversations happen, when you have friends or family over?

At the dinner table!

Where do some of the most “eye-opening” conversations happen at work?

In the breakroom or when out to lunch with a coworker!

What is one of the most important ways your culture is taught, celebrated, and passed down?

Through cooking!

In Tula Coach’s first exploratory workshop, hosted by Deepa Pulipati, you’ll discover powerful tools that can help you find your cultural “voice” and share it with your friends, family, and community in a way you might never have thought was possible! You’ll collaborate virtually with a small group of participants while cooking 3 iconic dishes, Tikka Masala, Daal, and a mixed veggie stir fry. During the preparation and cooking of each dish, you’ll explore your own cultural heritage and find ways to connect it into your daily life. You’ll work with Deepa and the rest of the group to connect the themes of each dish and its composition to important characteristics of yourself, your team, or your family. You’ll also have a full stomach at the end!


In this workshop you will learn how to:

Explore how uncertainty mindset can be a game changer; embody your cultural heritage around food  to social identity and legacy; speak to your immigrant stories and connect more intentionally within your social and professional network and much more

After this workshop, you’ll have the tools to:

  • Create psychological safety around food
  • Invite people to learn about your culture (no matter what it is!) through your cooking
  • You might be able to cook better! (no guarantees)
  • Be a better leader by understanding how people look at the world through the lens of their culture


The details:

  • December 4th, 2022
  • 4PM to 6PM
  • 1.5 hour workshop
  • 3 delicious recipes and ingredients list
  • 30 minute Q&A / conversation with Deepa and the closed group of participants
  • “Find Leadership Through Cooking” digital worksheet, to help you practice after the workshop!
  • Follow-up care package mailed to you with Home-mixed spices (for you to cook on your own!)
  • 20% discount off of a future Tula Coach program or leadership coaching sessions

Investment: $110

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